What sizes are the paintings?

I can accomodate any size you want. Normally the smallest size is 15cm x 15cm. When we talk you will get a feel for what size may be suitable for you.

All canvases are 4cm in depth.

Are they one-offs?

Yes. Each Connected Spirit painting is a unique and original oil on canvas artwork.

In addition, I do not do prints of the original artworks without your permission.

Upon request, a blockchain based digital security certificate of authenticity and ownership may be attached to the back of the canvas identifying you as the owner.

What technique do you use?

First a base layer is done and let to dry. Next a very important step takes place. I apply the second coat, which is fundamental to helping the Spirt of the painting come to life. Finally, I apply a last layer and through a technique of removing many tiny brush strokes of paint I help the Spirit image emerge.

A medium sized painting will on average have over 1,000 brush movements, with a brush clean in-between each of these. This final part is always done in one sitting. It is an intensive process and can take between 4-16 hours depending on the size.

How much do they cost

The work is very personal and as such I don't have defined costs. Having said that, it depends mostly on the size. The smallest size commissions costs €350. Larger commissions can cost over €2,000. Most people prefer to spend in the region of €500 to €800.

Do we speak before I begin the work?

Yes. We have an initial consultation and two follow up sessions, either in person or via online media. The first one, which may last between 10 and 30 minutes, is for me to get to know you so that your painting is anchored in my sense of who you are. It’s also an opportunity for you to get to know me and ask any questions you may have.

Then we have two shorter follow-ups where I may guide you in helping your connection establish and where you may choose to share the insights and connection you experience.

What is included in the price?

  • The Painting

  • Packaging and Delivery

  • All Sales Taxes e.g. VAT

  • Collaborations - pre and post painting

  • Blockchain Certificate of Provenance and Ownership, on request

Do you frame the paintings?

No. The finished painting is designed not to be framed, so that the reflection of your Spirit within the painting is not contained or constrained by a frame. Nor should a frame distract from the Connection between you and your Spirit.