I am a self-taught painter. I do commissions only. I started painting in 2015 as a way to play and experiment with my creativity. Soon after I started painting I had some very powerful creative and spiritual experiences.

After these experiences I found that I could channel messages for people through my art. The messages sometimes take the form of spirit animals, it may be a face, or any image that speaks directly to the person who commissioned the work. The paintings have no defined process. I find that the less I consciously involve myself in the work, the more meaningful the messages are for people.

I am a member of Visual Artists Ireland, the national representative body for visual artists in Ireland.

I am a contributing member of The Biscuit Factory, Irelands largest Online Membership Community for creative people.

I am a member of Creative Frame, a network of professional artists in Ireland that supports the ongoing professional development and growth of creatives in the region.

I am a founder of Open Art Studio, located in the centre of Sligo, Ireland, which is an initiative to help people experience art as it is being created, and to interact more with creative artists.